Anglers Face Fines for Fishing Without Licenses


Multiple anglers in Yorkshire and the North East have been fined substantial amounts for engaging in illegal fishing activities without valid licenses this year. The Environment Agency presented these cases to Hull Magistrates Court on June 29, 2023. One of the individuals, Jordan Martin Meredith Davies (31) from Granville Court, Walmer, was found guilty of … Read more

Rojas Collaborates with Friends of Blackstone and NPS to Provide Youth Fishing Lessons

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LINCOLN – Juan Victor Rojas of Manville has joined forces with Friends of the Blackstone and the National Park Service Junior Ranger Program to organize a Youth Fishing Day on Saturday, July 22. In a previous report by The Breeze, Rojas was fishing alone when three young individuals approached him. Intrigued by their request to … Read more

The 3 Best Tall Folding Chairs for Camping

Tall Folding Chairs

Picture this: you’re out in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature’s beauty, ready to unwind and relax during a camping trip. As you settle in, one thing becomes clear – comfortable seating is a must. Sitting on the hard ground or makeshift stools can quickly turn your camping experience from delightful to downright uncomfortable. That’s … Read more

Stunning Video Captures Terrifying Encounter as Fisherman Faces Charging Alligator


HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC – An unsuspecting fisherman, engaged in a tranquil afternoon of fishing along the banks of a serene pond in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, experienced a heart-stopping moment on Tuesday when a lunging alligator came out of nowhere. The entire harrowing incident was captured on video, leaving witnesses in awe. You can view … Read more

Illegal Use of ‘Blast Fishing’ Linked to Surge in Shark Sightings, States Lebanese Marine Expert

Blast Fishing

BEIRUT: The recent increase in shark sightings off the coast of Lebanon, which has sparked concerns and social media panic over potential attacks, is being attributed to an illegal fishing technique known as “blast fishing.” Resort authorities have responded by installing warning signs and advising swimmers to exercise caution in the water, following social media … Read more

Discovery of 7,000-Year-Old Fish Traps in Norway Lake by Hiker Showcases Ancient Fishing Techniques

Fish Traps

During a peaceful hike in Norway, a hiker stumbled upon an extraordinary find that took him back in time. Observing the shoreline of a serene lake, he noticed a series of wooden poles protruding from the now-dry lakebed. His accidental discovery unveiled the presence of 7,000-year-old fishing traps. Reidar Marstein, an avid mountaineer and amateur … Read more

Controversial Decision to Disqualify $3.5 Million Blue Marlin in Fishing Tournament Sparks Debate on Fish Conservation

Blue Marlin

The president of the Big Rock Blue Marlin tournament recently defended the tournament’s decision to disqualify a 619.4-pound blue marlin, despite the potential $3.5 million prize awaiting the fishermen. The disqualification was based on the tournament’s rule regarding “mutilation,” which is designed to protect the fish and ensure a level playing field for all participants. … Read more

Unusual Virus Afflicting North American Fish with “Blotchy Bass Syndrome”

Blotchy Bass Syndrome

WALL LAKE TOWNSHIP, S.D. (Dakota News Now) – Greg Cummings, a retired motorcycle racer who often enjoys fishing excursions accompanied by his faithful dog, Buzz, has become increasingly concerned about the state of the waters they frequent. Like many anglers, Cummings has noticed the effects of pollution resulting from agriculture and industry, and he believes … Read more

Fishing Boat Captain Disqualified Over ‘Mutilated’ Marlin Claims Unfair Loss of Victory

fishing boat captain

The captain of the fishing boat Sensation, which was stripped of potential earnings exceeding $3 million after tournament officials disqualified its 619.4-pound blue marlin due to alleged “mutilation,” expressed his belief in the team’s legitimate triumph. In a recent conversation with CNN, Captain Greg McCoy stated that they had diligently adhered to the rules and … Read more